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Take-Home Naloxone Program Launches in Sun Country Health Region


Tuesday, September 5, 2017                                                                  

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Take-Home Naloxone Program Launches in Sun Country Health Region

As part of Saskatchewan's expanding Take-Home Naloxone (THN) program, THN kits will be available in Weyburn and Estevan, starting September 5, 2017.  The program is being launched by Sun Country Health Region (SCHR) in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

The THN kits will be available free of charge to individuals at risk of an opioid overdose.  The kits can be obtained at:

     Addiction Services, Community Health Services Building, Weyburn (306-842-8693) or

     Addiction Services, St. Joseph Hospital, Estevan (306-637-2422)

     Monday to Friday (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) - appointment recommended.


At-risk individulas must first receive education on overdose prevention, recognizing and responding to an overdose, and proper administration of Naloxone using the THN kit.

The THN kit is then provided to the individuals at risk.  Family members and friends are welcome and encouraged to participate in the training.

Terry Romanow, Regional Director of Mental Health and Addiction Services, (THN Program Lead for Sun Country Health Region), said the aim is to save lives through education and access to the kits themselves.  "SCHR is implementing the project to help individuals be prepared and proactive in preventing deaths from opioid overdose.  Even one such death is too many," she stated.

Naloxone is an antidote to opioids such as fentanyl, morphine, heroin, methadone or oxycodone.  When administered properly, naloxone can restore breathing to an individual experiencing an overdose.  Naloxone is already in use in Saskatchewan emergency departments and by paramedics in emergency situations to treat an opioid overdose.  911 should always be called when an overdose is witnessed.

Fentanyl is an opioid that is 50 to 100 times more potent than heroin, oxycodone or morphine.  It is a prescribed painkiller that is often added to illegal drugs without people knowing.  Overdose deaths attributed to fentanyl have been rising across Canada.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health is providing $50,000 this year to fund THN programs in Saskatoon, Regina Qu'Appelle, Prairie North, Sunrise, Prince Albert Parkland, Five Hills, and Sun Country Health regions.



For more information or to arrange an interviews, contact:

Lesley Chapman, Executive Assistant

Sun Country Health Region





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