Nutrition Tips Winter 2015

Children who have meals with their family not only eat better and are healthier; they learn to socialize and do better in school. Family meals give a time and place to keep up with what is going on with everyone, help each other out, and tell family stories. Enjoying family meals help to keep food in its place as only one of life's great pleasures. Pay attention to the food and enjoy it when it is time to eat, forget about it between times. A rushed morning without breakfast can make eating well challenging. Try these quick breakfast ideas: A long afternoon commute can make eating well challenging. Pack a snack for the afternoon before your ride so you aren’t over hungry when you get home. Healthy food choices at home and at school can help students do better in school and be healthier over all. Part of learning about healthy eating is practicing. If your children’s’ school does not teach food preparation, ask your school administration how you can help to support offering classes. Snack foods like chips, candy, and pop fill children up, but don’t supply any of the nutrition they need to grow and learn. These foods should not be offered in school. Help the school community council and school administration in your children’s school to promote healthy foods in the school.

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Box 2003
Weyburn, Saskatchewan
S4H 2Z9
Tel: (306) 842-8399
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Addiction Services

Our focus is to provide quality, individualized services to those who are affected by substance abuse, dependency or problem gambling related issues.

People who are affected by alcohol or drug use or problem gambling have different needs depending on the severity of their problem and how far along they might be in the recovery process.

Out-patient service agencies can be the starting point for many families and individuals concerned about substance use or gambling issues.

Services Offered:
A wide variety of services are offered. Addiction Counselors will work with you to decide which combination of services will best meet your individual needs.

  • Individual, group & family counseling
  • Screening & assessments
  • Codependency/family
  • Gambling services
  • Prevention, education & community development
  • Youth & family services
  • Dual disorders

Other Services Available:

Please contact your local service provider for information about these or other services available in your area.

Community Support Program
The Community Support Program is a transitional housing program designed to assist clients in the initial stages of recovery from addiction. 

It consists of 3-2 bedroom apartments located in Estevan, SK where clients who are at a high risk of relapse, returning from inpatient treatment, have an opportunity to continue their treatment goals in the safe, supportive environment of the Community Support Program. 

This community-based service provides access for clients to counseling, guidance, direction, and life skills as they continue their recovery process. 

The Community Support Program provides a unique opportunity for clients motivated for recovery, who show a level of commitment and responsibility for making the necessary changes, to lead a healthy, sober life.

Sun Country Health Region Addiction Services:

Weyburn 842-8693
Kipling 736-2363
Community Supports Program - 637-2757
Estevan   Youth – 306 637-2465 
Estevan   Adult -  306 637-2422 or 306 637-2420  

Obtaining Service

Referrals may be accepted from physicians, justice, social workers, employers, clergy, schools, SGI and self referrals.. Problem Gambling Services are scheduled out of the Weyburn office with clinics in Kipling and Estevan.


The information you share with Addiction Counsellors is strictly confidential.