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Box 2003
Weyburn, Saskatchewan
S4H 2Z9
Tel: (306) 842-8399
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Acquired Brain Injury Services (ABI)

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Acquired Brain Injury Program (ABI) is a partnership between Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and Sun Country Health Region. Our Mission to provide individual and family support to people with acquired brain injury so that they may live successfully in their communities with improved quality of life.

What are our Service Goals?

• To make the most of a person’s abilities.

• To be a link between hospital and community.

• To work with communities to adapt their existing services to meet the needs of the person with an acquired brain injury.

• To work with families and caregivers to maintain their own health and quality of life.

• To educate clients, family members and the community about ABI issues.

• To be an ongoing contact for support, follow-up, evaluation and education.

Who Can We Help?

• Applicants must have a diagnosis of ABI and be medically stable. Persons who have a congenital brain injury or one that is a result of a progressive condition will not be considered.

• Applicants must be a resident of Saskatchewan or be eligible for Saskatchewan health coverage.

• Priority will be given to applicants whose injury occurred in the past three years.

• Applicants must be free of active substance abuse and/or be currently involved in a treatment program.

• Applicants with a primary psychiatric diagnosis must have symptoms well managed.

• Community agencies, caregivers, employers, families and schools who require resources and support may also access services.

What is an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)?

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is the result of damage to the brain by injury or illness. A blow to the head, disease, infection, lack of oxygen, penetration of the skull, violent shaking (e.g., Shaken Baby Syndrome, whiplash), and substance abuse can all cause an ABI. The actual injury to the brain results when bruising, bleeding, swelling, fever, lack of blood/oxygen, shearing/tearing of cells, and/or increased pressure occurs. Some possible symptoms/effects of an ABI include:

- Memory loss
- Attention deficits and problems with concentration;
- Problem solving deficits;
- Anxiety or depression;
- Behavioral or personality changes;
- Poor balance, paralysis, problems sitting or walking;
- Decreased motor control;
- Change in vision, hearing, taste, smell and/or touch;
- Headaches;
- Seizures;
- Emotional outbursts; anger/impulse control problems; impaired speech;
- Loss of consciousness;
- Death

Brain Injury Support Groups in Sun Country Health Region

General schedule:

Redvers Health Centre – second Monday of each month: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Estevan St. Joseph’s hospital – fourth Monday of each month: 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

For more information about the support groups, please contact: Paula Ealey, BSW RSW, Regional Acquired Brain Injury Coordinator at 842-8315.

Visit for information about the partnership between Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. 

For information about concussions:  


Paula Ealey BSW RSW
Regional Acquired Brain Injury Coordinator
Sun Country Regional Health Authority
Box 2003, Weyburn, SK CAN S4H 2Z9
Ph. 306-842-8315 

Posted Jan. 13, 2015

Look below for a brochure on the Medical Scooter Program that teaches safety on the roads when using a scooter.

Obtaining Service

The Acquired Brain Injury Program accepts referrals from clients, family, caregivers, professionals, agencies, doctors, etc and does require specific admission information.