Freezing and Canning

Buy in season local fruits and vegetables and freeze or even learn to home can these foods to enjoy them in winter.

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Quality of Care

Do you have a concern?

The Sun Country Health Region, through the Quality of Care Coordinator receives, investigates and monitors patient and/or public concerns regarding unfavorable healthcare experiences.

We believe that it is necessary to receive input from consumers about the quality of care and services that are provided. Based on that information, recommendations are made to influence changes to improve or enhance the health care system.

The Quality of Care Coordinator is a client advocate to help you with questions or concerns about regional health services and to provide you with information regarding your rights, responsibilities and options.

If you have a question or concern, we ask that you first discuss this with the caregiver who provides the service, or with the appropriate supervisor.

If your concern remains unresolved, please contact the Region's Quality of Care Coordinator. All questions, concerns or comments will be acknowledged and investigated in a confidential manner.

If a program or service has exceeded your expectations, we would be pleased to also hear those comments.

Please email your concerns to

or contact:

Client Concerns

Box 2003
Weyburn, Sk
S4H 2Z9

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