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Human Resources

Human resource management is based on the premise that the organization's workforce is vital to the accomplishment of the goals and objectives of the organization.

With trends to higher service standards, increased usage of technology, more competition for skilled professionals and increasing/changing legislation, both employees and the employer are stretched to keep pace.

Currently in the Sun Country Health Region, the Human Resource Department (HR) coordinates the numerous managerial and organizational programs that assist in achieving both employees' and our Region's objectives of service, work and safe practices.

The Department includes functions that ensure employees are qualified and able to fulfil responsibilities that often span 24 hours per day and seven days per week.

In addition, the Human Resources Department ensures that the administrative systems are implemented to recognize the contributions of staff while ensuring that organizational needs are monitored.

Sun Country Health Region has approximately 2,377 employees positioned in over 200 different jobs across 28 facilities. Over 95 per cent of these staff members are in the scope of a collective agreement. Three (3) unions represent these employees.

Some of the key functions of the Human Resources Department are:

  • Labour Relations
  • Collective Agreement Administration
  • Grievance Administration
  • Human Resource Policies
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Recruitment/Staffing
  • Immigration
  • Orientation
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation
  • Job Evaluation
  • Benefit Audit and Administration
  • Payroll
  • Staff Scheduling System
  • Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)
  • Employee Health
  • Employee & Family Assistance Program
  • Disability Management


Sun Country Health Region
Human Resources Department

P.O. Box 2003
808 Souris Valley Road
Weyburn, SK
S4H 2Z9