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Facility Outbreaks

Outbreaks of illness in the acute and long term care facilities that require visitor restrictions are listed here.

If your local health care facility is not listed on this page, it will be open to visitors, volunteers and other guests as usual. If your health care facility is listed with an outbreak, please call the facility manager for more information.

Click here to find all the facilities, with telephone numbers listed.

Please note that all facilities are scent-free. Please do not wear perfume or other scents when visiting. 

We have an open door policy with regard to visiting hours. Family and friends of patients/long term care residents may visit at any time, with the approval of the patient/resident. Large numbers of visitors and or disruptions that impact other patients/residents should be discussed in advance with the facility manager. 

Check the brochures below for visitors and patients below under “Related Files”. Click on the file to learn how how to prevent infections, and other important information.

Outbreak Updates - May 26, 2020

Date Started

Facility Location

Type of Outbreak



Click on the names below to read the brochures.