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MDS/ Rugs

MDS/Rugs is a clinical assessment process used for residents of publicly-operated long term care facilities in Saskatchewan that allows staff members to identify the individual needs of each resident and plan for their daily care.  

Issues with the following physical and psychological situations, like delirium, cognitive loss, activities, communication, cardio-Respiratory, urinary incontinence, social relationships, mood, behaviour, activities of daily living, falls, undernutrition, feeding tubes, nutritional status, pain, pressure ulcers, appropriate medications, physical restraints, bowel conditions can be identified through the MDS process.

An auxiliary process called Rugs identifies the care that needs to be provided to the resident based on the issues identified. The combination of MDS/Rugs is a method of promoting quality care and individualized care planning.

For more information, please contact:
MDS Coordinator
208 Souris Valley Rd
Weyburn, Sk
Phone: 306 842 8331
Fax: 306 842 8341






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