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Kids learn most about being active from their families. As a parent, keep a positive attitude about physical activity. Daily family active play is important in keeping children healthy.

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FACT SHEET on Rabies

What is rabies?"
 Rabies is a virus that attacks the central nervous system and eventually the brain. It is usually fatal for humans.
 Rabies is spread in the saliva of an animal with rabies.
 Rabies can affect any warm-blooded animal, domestic or wild. It has been found in dogs, cats, foxes, raccoons, skunks, wolves, bats, cattle and horses.
 Rabid animals usually act very differently; for example - they may become aggressive, restless or excitable, appear to have difficulty swallowing or have weakness in their limbs, or lose their appetite or refuse to eat.

How can I prevent rabies?
 Have your animals vaccinated
 Don't go near stray animals
 Keep your pets on a leash
 Report unusual animal behaviour to a veterinarian or animal control
 Consult the Public Health Department when you find a bat in a room where someone has been sleeping

What should you do if you have been bitten?
 Immediately wash the bite wounds with soap and water
 Get medical care immediately after a bite
 Your doctor will report the incident to Public Health.  The Public Health Inspector will arrange to have the pet confined and observed for 10 days.
 If possible, wild animals will be captured, euthanized and sent for rabies testing after a biting incident.