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Kids learn most about being active from their families. As a parent, keep a positive attitude about physical activity. Daily family active play is important in keeping children healthy.

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LiveWell with Chronic Conditions

Put Life Back Into Your Life.

Consider a LiveWell with Chronic Conditions Workshop.

Ongoing health conditions include but are not limited to diabetes, arthritis, lung disease, depression, cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia. If you or someone you care for has one or more of these conditions, the LiveWell with Chronic Conditions Workshop can help you take charge of your life.

You’ll get the support you need, find practical ways to deal with pain and fatigue, discover better nutrition and exercise choices, understand new treatment choices, and learn better ways to talk with your doctor and family about your health.

Sign Up Now.

·         Join a free 2.5 hour LiveWell with Chronic Conditions Workshop, held once a week for six weeks. Workshops are fun and interactive. The LiveWell workshop was developed by Stanford University and is used in over 20 countries. It has been proven to help improve the health of people with chronic conditions

·         Learn from trained volunteer leaders with health conditions themselves about how to manage symptoms and medication, work with your health care team, set weekly goals, problem solve effectively, improve communication, relax, handle difficult emotions, eat well, and exercise safely.

·         Set your own goals and make a step-by-step plan to improve your health – and your life.


For more information, please call (306) 842-8711