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Box 2003
Weyburn, Saskatchewan
S4H 2Z9
Tel: (306) 842-8399
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Therapy Services

Purpose of therapy services:
1.  Improve quality of life by restoring or modifying function
2.  Maintain over-all health
3.  Learn self-management skills for various conditions

For more information, contact Therapy Services in your desired area:
Arcola:     306-455-2628
Estevan:   306-637-2410
Kipling:    306-736-5509
Redvers:   306-452-4024
Weyburn:  306-842-8443

Therapy programs offered throughout Sun Country Health Region:
- Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Adult Speech and Language Pathology
Acquired Brain Injury
- Falls Prevention


Educated health professionals who treat people of all ages with conditions that limit their ability to move and perform daily activities.
2. Identifying and maximizing movement potential
3. Assist in techniques and education promoting the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.
4. Exercise Therapy – specialized sessions may be provided at the discretion of your treating therapist

Major areas assisted by physical therapy:
1. Neurological/Neurosurgical
People with functional problems resulting from changes in the brain, spinal cord, or nerves, such as:
         - stroke
         - multiple schlerosis
         - Parkinson's Disease
         - spinal cord injury
         - cerebral palsy
         - acute and chronic pain

2. Musculoskeletal
People with injuries or conditions affecting bones or other tissues (muscles, tendons, or ligaments), such as:
         - joint replacement
         - arthritis
         - sprains & strains
         - back pain
         - burns
         - incontinence

3. Cardiorespiratory:
People with conditions affecting the respiratory or circulatory systems, such as:
          - COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
          - cystic fibrosis
          - acute pneumonia
          - diabetes
          - cardiac disease

Please note: You do not need a prescription from your doctor to see a Physical Therapist. Simply fill in the referral form and questionnaire (at the bottom of this page) and mail or deliver to:
   Sun Country Health Region 
   Therapy Services
   Box 2003
   Weyburn, SK
   S4H 2Z9

For more information, contact Therapy Services in your desired area:
Arcola:      306-455-2628
Estevan:   306-637-2410
Kipling:    306-736-5509
Redvers:   306-452-4024
Weyburn:  306-842-8443

For general information on Physical Therapy, click on the links:

- Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists (SCPT)
- Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA)

For general information on exercise therapy, follow the link:

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology



  • OT’s use activity, or “occupation,” to enable individuals with illnesses, injuries, or disabilities to overcome their challenges and lead fulfilling lives.
  • Changes in physical, cognitive function or environmental barriers can impact one’s ability to participate in their activities of daily living.
  • OT’s Provide skilled assessment and treatment to help individuals develop regain or maintain self-care, productivity or leisure activities.

Services provided by Occupational Therapists:

  • May help people to learn new ways of doing activities.
  • Provide suggestions of adapting the environment to make the life of a person living with a disability easier
  • Assist with discharge planning from hospital
  • Home visits to make recommendations for equipment, safety, and increased accessibility
  • ADL assessments and recommendations
  • Fall prevention assessments to provide exercises and equipment to decrease the risk of falls
  • Determine appropriate mobility aides such as wheelchairs, walkers, or canes
  • Ordering equipment available through Saskatchewan Abilities Council 
  • Cognitive assessments and treatments to ensure you or your loved one is safe at home
  • Fabrication or recommendation of splints to decrease pain, inflammation and deformities
  • Lower extremity vascular assessments
  • Assessment for compression garments
  • Recommend proper positioning of client to decrease risk of pressure ulcers
  • Ergonomic assessments and education
  • Hand Therapy and Upper Extremity retraining after an injury, stroke or surgery
  • Back Education Classes
  • Provide energy conservation techniques

Specialty Programs offered by Occupational Therapists in SCHR:

  • Lymphedema assessment/management (Weyburn)
  • Pediatrics (Estevan)

Please note: You do not need a prescription from your doctor to see an Occupational Therapist. Simply fill in the referral form (at the bottom of this page), and mail to:
   Sun Country Health Region
   Therapy Services
   Box 2003
   Weyburn, SK
   S4H 2Z9

For more information, contact Therapy Services in your desired area:
Arcola:       306-455-2628
Estevan:    306-637-2410
Kipling:     306-736-5509
Redvers:    306-452-4024
Weyburn:   306-842-8443


Speech-Language Pathology is the rehabilitative or corrective treatment of physical and/or cognitive deficits/disorders resulting in difficulty with communication. This program deals with adults who have problems in expressive and receptive communication.

  • Services are provided to adults in acute care and long term care facilities as well as on an outpatient basis throughout the region.
  • Services are available for adults with a variety of speech, voice, language, cognitive-linguistic, and/or swallowing disorders.

Conditions Treated by Adult Speech Language Pathology:
- Stroke or brain injury
- Progressive degenerative diseases such as:
    Alzheimer's Disease
    Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
    Parkinson's Disease

SLPs may also work with people who have had head and neck surgery, including a laryngectomy. Speech-Language Pathologists are integral members of the swallowing assessment team.

Adult Speech-Language Pathologists
Therapy Services- Tatagwa View
Box 2003,
Weyburn SK

S4H 2Z9
Tel: 306-842-8443

For general information on Speech Language Pathology, visit the following links:
Speech- Language and Audiology Canada
The Saskatchewan Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists



  • The Sun Country ABI program is a partnership between SGI and Sun Country Health Region. This program implements services and supports for persons with acquired brain injuries and their families.
  • The goal is to provide individual and family support to people with acquired brain injury so that they may live successfully in their communities with improved quality of life.

The Acquired Brain Injury Program accepts referrals from clients, family, caregivers, professionals, agencies, doctors, etc and does require specific admission information. The Acquired Brain Injury Program 

  • Helps applicants who have a diagnosis of moderate to severe acquired brain injury and are medically stable.
  • Gives priority to applicants who are less than three years post-injury
  • Facilitates a monthly Brain Injury Support Group (select communities) 
  • Helps people who are willing to participate in and benefit from services.
  • Provides services to residents of Saskatchewan and are eligible for Sask Health coverage.

   Acquired Brain Injury Coordinator
   Therapy Services- Tatagwa View
   Box 2003,
   Weyburn SK

   S4H 2Z9
   Tel: 306-842-8315 

For more information on the ABI partnership follow the link:
ABI Partnership 

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