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Draft Essential Services Proposal

Sun Country Health Region issued draft proposals for essential service agreements to CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) and HSAS (Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan) today.   

Both unions had requested information on the services, job classifications, number of employees and names of employees that would be considered essential in the event of job action while negotiating a collective agreement.  

Essential services agreements, under the legislation passed in May, 2008, are to be negotiated in the 90 days prior to the expiration of a collective agreement.  The contract with CUPE expired prior to passage of the legislation and the contract with HSAS expires March 31, 2009. 

“Our primary objective is to comply with the legislation – that is, to maintain essential services to prevent danger to life, health and safety and to ensure our clients have access to the services they need, when they need them,” said Cal Tant, President and CEO of  Sun Country Health Region. 

A team of human resources and clinical managers have reviewed the services offered by facilities within the region, and analyzed in detail the requirements to maintain services to prevent danger to life, health and safety.  The draft proposal provided to the unions includes the numbers of full time equivalent (FTE) employees that would be required compared to normal staffing levels.  Names of employees proposed as essential have been determined on the basis of seniority, with the caveat that the final list agreed to by union and employer will depend on schedules, the length of a labour disruption and coverage for illness or other leaves. 

“Among employees represented by CUPE, we have proposed 83 per cent of FTE positions providing direct patient care as essential.  Approximately 60 per cent of the FTE positions in indirect patient care and 35 per cent of the FTE support positions have been proposed as essential,” said Don Ehman, Vice President, Human Resources, Sun Country Health Region.

Almost 47 per cent of the positions under the HSAS contract have been proposed as essential.  

“We believe that these are reasonable proposals and expect that CUPE and HSAS will sit down with us and discuss them,” said Don.  

Sun Country Health Region employs 1,597 members of CUPE, and 143 in the HSAS contract in its facilities throughout the Region. ____________________________________________________________  


For more information, please contact Don Ehman, Vice President, Human Resources, Sun Country Health Region, at 842-8724. 

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