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Renovated X-Ray Department re-opens

 The renovated x-ray department at the Redvers Health Centre re-opened on schedule on Friday, Dec. 5.

The department has been closed since late October for installation of a high technology x-ray unit to improve patient care.

The new Computed Radiography (CR) equipment will digitalize the image on a computer and allows the technician/physician to enhance the image for optimum quality. The image is produced very quickly and then is stored on the computer. The images can be viewed via computer at a later date.

The chemical-free process offers a healthier work place for technicians and the environment.

The x-ray unit comes with a suspended ceiling tube which has the ability to provide easier movement of the tube for better views for the x-ray examination and the x-ray table is adjustable, making it easier for patients and technicians to access.

Karen Ochitwa, Regional Director, Medical Imaging, says the CR equipment is a step closer towards the Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) that is being implemented throughout Saskatchewan.

"The CR will eventually allow images from Redvers to be sent to specialists, radiologists, and other health care professionals via computer networking," she says.

"This will result in faster turn around times in reporting, and treatment of the patient. When the province is prepared to connect Redvers to the PACS network, we will be equipment-ready," says Ochitwa.

"We are delighted with this new equipment," says Myrna Peterson, Community Health Services Manager for Redvers Health Centre.

"The renovations went smoothly and according to the schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience this fall but we are happy to have the latest technology for our patients physicians, and staff," she says.

The total cost of the project was over $365,000, with the Ministry of Health providing $167, 558 in funding.

The balance of the equipment/renovation costs of over $197,000 have been shared between the Sun Country Health Region and the Redvers Health Foundation.

Media: For more information, please call Marga Cugnet, Vice President Primary and Integrated Health for Sun Country Health Region at 842-8729.

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