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Addictions Awareness Week

Volunteers and Sun Country Health Region Addictions staff are preparing to launch a week of activities in conjunction with Saskatchewan Addictions Awareness Week (SAAW), November 16 to 22.

SAAW activities are organized around the theme, "You Always Have A Choice."

The week is an effort to raise awareness of the facts surrounding addictions to alcohol, drugs, tobacco and gambling. Local organizers say it is especially important to get accurate information to youth.

In Saskatchewan, a major focus of this year's activities is creating awareness about the harms related to excessive or "binge drinking." Binge drinking is typically defined as consuming five (5) drinks or more for men, and four (4) drinks or more for women, on one occasion.

Sun Country Health Region Addiction Services Coordinator Garry Tedford says alcohol is the most popular recreational drug of choice in Saskatchewan, even though many do not consider it a drug.

Saskatchewan Addictions Awareness Week is held in conjunction with National Addictions Awareness Week (NAAW). An estimated 600,000 people participate in NAAW activities across Canada every year.

Several activities have been arranged within the Region during the special week, with the support and assistance of addictions staff in Sun Country Health Region. Addictions counselors will be onsite during the program to assist individuals who decide they need help.

The Weyburn Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse (WECADA) is sponsoring an interactive forum play in Weyburn during Drug Awareness Week called "Shattering."

The play is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 17 at 7 pm in the Cafeteria at Weyburn Comprehensive High School; in Radville on Saturday, Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. in the Radville Regional High School and in Estevan Sunday, Nov. 16 at 7 p.m. in the Estevan Comprehensive High School.

There is no fee to attend.

More information is available from the website:
According to WECADA, Shattering functions as a true voice of people who have themselves struggled with the issues. The cast are a mix of recovered addicts and people who have struggled with the addictions of family members and friends.

The play creators carry this expertise, and so the play helps communities seeking grassroots solutions. The interactive Forum Theatre events have the effect of creating grassroots dialogue that seeks insights into and solutions to issues of addiction.

For more information, contact: Sun Country Health Region Addiction Services:
Weyburn - 842-8693, Kipling -736-2363, Estevan - 637-2465 and St.Joseph's Hospital Addiction Services - 637-2422.

Media: For more information, please contact Sun Country Health Region Addiction Services Coordinator Garry Tedford at 842-8696.

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