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Syringe re-use discovered

Sun Country Health Region (SCHR) has been reviewing its programs regarding the potential re-use of syringes, as a result of an audit request on October 29, 2008 from Dr. Shauna Hudson, Medical Health Officer for the Region. The Ministry of Health alerted all health regions on Oct. 31 of the need for an audit.

During the review, SCHR discovered that syringes were being re-used occasionally in the Operating Room at Weyburn General Hospital. The practice was stopped immediately.

There is an extremely low level risk to any patient. The risk is so low that follow up testing is not recommended at this time.

The syringe was used to inject medication into an intravenous tube. The set up of the bag and intravenous tubing results in fluid being injected into the intravenous line. There is very little risk of the syringe being exposed to a patient's body fluids.

SCHR continues its audit of all programs and departments. A risk assessment will be completed in the following weeks and SCHR will inform its staff, physicians and the community of the outcome and recommendations.

Individuals who may have questions or concerns are encouraged to contact a registered nurse at Healthline at 1-877-800-0002.

Media: For more information, please call Cal Tant, CEO, Sun Country Health Region, 842-8718.


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