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Expanded translation service in Sun Country Health Region

Sun Country Health Region has contracted with a Canadian company that will provide translation and interpretative services in any language for visitors and residents needing health care whose first language is not English.

“This is an impressive new service that will ensure the health care needs of everyone coming to any of our facilities or programs are looked after appropriately,” says Janice Giroux, Vice President of Community Health for Sun Country Health Region.

“Our staff can pick up the telephone any time, day or night, and reach someone who will translate for us,” she says.  

“It takes less than 60 seconds to be connected, so people no longer need to worry about not being understood. If you come to us for any kind of health care need, including mental health services, we will find someone to connect with you.”

An influx of new people into South East Saskatchewan in recent years has made this service necessary, says Mrs. Giroux. “We want to ensure that our patients/clients and residents are all understood and this is the most supportive way to do that.”

Posted July 2. 


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