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Root Vegetables

Root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, sweet potatoes and onions are often great bargains at the grocery store or farmer’s market; use them in soups and stews.

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For General Inquiries:

Interested in becoming an Emergency Medical Responder in your community?

Information on becoming an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) for Sun Country Health Region:

$1000 bursary to all successful candidates.


1.  First Aid/CPR Level Three ($150 - $200)

2.  80 hour EMR course (Sun Country Health Region provides this course for free)

3.  A satisfactory criminal record check.

4.  Satisfactory character references.

5.  Passing of the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics (SCOP) EMR exam – ($300) in Regina

                        You get 3 tries – each try is $300.

6.  EMR license from SCOP – $460 plus $50 first time fee.

7.  Class 4 driver's license ($32).

8.  Willing to sign an agreement to be available for call on the local ambulance service for two years.

9.  Five- day paid regional orientation in Weyburn. Wages, meals and accommodations covered.

10. Willing to attend paid inservices throughout the year at local site. Approximately 12 hours/year.

11. Membership with CUPE.

12. Must be able to lift stretchers and average sized people; requires moderate level of physical fitness.


Sun Country Health Region will provide a $1000 bursary to all successful candidates. A 2 year return of service is expected.

Hourly rate of pay: $20.370 to $21.810 (3 step range)

"On Call": For every hour you are asked to carry a radio to do “On Call” you will be paid $5.00/hr. This works out to $120 per 24 hour day.

Usually asked to cover 24 or 48 hours. May be longer.

Need to always be prepared to respond when “On Call”.

Not necessary to live in town but within a reasonable distance.

The standard is to be in the ambulance 15 minutes from time of call.

This can be any time of the day or night and from a half hour response to maybe eight hours continuous.

Call volume will vary.

For information, please contact Jennifer Elias-White at 306-897-8333 or .

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