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RHA Highlights - February

Members of the Sun Country Regional Health Authority (SCRHA) chose Virtus Group LLP to audit the financial statements of the Region for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015.

In other business, the members learned:

 - Three members of the Sun Country Health Region’s five member CT-Scanner Committee have made site visits to three vendors. The five member committee is made up of Dr. Dimitri Louvish, VP Medical, SCHR; Karen Ochitwa, Regional Director, Diagnostic Imaging, SCHR; Greg Hoffort, Executive Director, St. Joseph’s Hospital; Marga Cugnet, CEO, SCHR; John Knoch, VP Corporate and Finance, SCHR. A choice of vendors will be made later in the spring, with potential opening of the CT scanner in the summer or fall of 2015. The equipment will be located at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

- Three of the four improvement projects in the Region are on target. Timely Access to a Health Care Team, Stop the Harm, and Developing Leaders are all expected to be completed by the end of the fiscal year on March 31, 2015.   

Timely access is a project to reduce the number of inappropriate public visits to the emergency room at Weyburn General Hospital.  After a public and staff education campaign, committee members have found a 31 per cent reduction in the number of people using the emergency room for minor health issues that can be serviced by other health providers.


Stop the Harm is a project to see that 100 per cent of employees, doctors, patients and families always feel supported in immediately detecting and reporting unsafe situations, incidents and errors in health care situations.

The Developing Leaders project is creating a framework within the Region to develop leadership capabilities among supervisors. By March 31, a multi-year implementation plan will be in place for all supervisory personnel in SCHR.

The fourth project is Injury Reduction. It is not expected to reach its goal of reducing the number of total accepted WCB claims to 54 by March 31, 2015, as part of the progress toward a zero injury workplace by 2020.  This year, in addition to a re-organization of the department, changes have been made in the claims process and supervisors are being re-trained in the transfer, lift and repositioning of patients and residents. The changes are expected to have a significant impact on the number of staff injuries next year.  

-Dr. Dele Oyebode, Head of Psychiatry for SCHR, has brought the MotherFirst project to the Region to help the 20 per cent of women who experience mental health problems after childbirth. Depression is the leading cause of disability among women in their childbearing years and up to 20 per cent of women may face serious depression or anxiety related to childbirth. MotherFirst helps health care providers create policies to improve the mental health care of mothers and to increase public and professional awareness.

- About 90 per cent of staff members in the Region received influenza immunization this year, under the Immunize or Mask policy introduced throughout Saskatchewan health regions. That is higher than past years.

-LiveWell workshops to help members of the public cope with chronic illness like COPD and heart disease will be held in Estevan and White Bear this spring.

- SCHR continues to offer clinical placement opportunities for students studying for careers in health care. From January to April two nurse practitioners are in Maryfield and Kipling; nine individuals and one group of six RNS are at St. Joseph’s Hospital of Estevan; eight RNs are at Weyburn General Hospital; two RNs are in Arcola Health Centre; One RN is in Radville Marian Health Centre; four RNs are in Galloway Health Centre, Oxbow; one RN is working with Population Health department; five RNs are working with Home Care East and South; one RN is working at Weyburn Special Care Home; one RN is at Kipling Integrated Health Centre; one RN is at Bengough Health Centre; one working with Public Health in Estevan and one student of social work is placed in Weyburn.

- Dr. Mona Ali began working at the Arcola Health Centre in January and Dr. Constance Ovueni began working at the Estevan Medical Clinic in February.

- The Falls Prevention Coordinator for the Region has developed a Walking Challenge to encourage staff members at long term care centres to walk each day with the residents to improve their health. Regular walking has shown to have significant health benefits for residents. A destination will be chosen by each facility, with a corresponding party at the end of the Challenge.

Posted Feb. 26  

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