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Primary Health Clinic opens in Weyburn

Sun Country Health Region is pleased to announce the opening of the Weyburn Primary Health Care Clinic on Monday, Feb 3,  2014. The clinic is located at Suite 204, 117 3 Street in downtown Weyburn, the old Co-op Building.  (An elevator is available).

Four family doctors will begin practice in the facility. The Region will continue to recruit a nurse practitioner for the facility. Weyburn Primary Health Care Clinic will operate from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. on Fridays. 

Primary Health Care is an approach in which a team of health professionals provide the every day health care necessary to become and/or stay healthy, while working with the patient, family and community.

Primary Health Care is about:

  • Staying healthy:  preventing illness and injury
  • Managing chronic conditions
  • Treating acute medical illness
  • Promoting healthier living
  • Accessing the best health provider for the job

The Weyburn Primary Health Care Clinic practice will be an interdisciplinary and collaborative model. The Region is pleased to have four new doctors join this interdisciplinary team, along with professionals in the areas of public health, home care, mental health, addiction and drug abuse services, primary medical care, long term care, emergency services, end of life care, laboratory and X-ray services, therapy services.

There is evidence that health care providers working together provide better health outcomes and improved efficiency for the health care system. As a patient, this means all of the health care professionals work together toward one goal – improving the care received, when the patient needs it from the most appropriate professional.  

A key to success over the long run will be the involvement of the public in helping to identify the broader health care needs of the community.

The clinic will also work closely with other agencies and organizations that directly impact the determinants of health. The determinants of health include income, employment, education, housing, genetics, environment and social support systems. Each of these factors can impact the over-all health of patients and clients. 

The Weyburn Primary Health Care Clinic will accept all patients who wish to attend the clinic.  Telephone: 306-842-8790. The phones will be operational on Thursday, Jan. 30 to take appointments. 

The new doctors accepting all patients are Dr. Adanna Ejeckam, Dr. Sameh Ekladious, Dr. Fady Ghaly and Dr. Lilian Narouz.

Posted Thursday, Jan 24. 

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