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RHA Highlights from the September meeting

Members of the Sun Country Regional Health Authority approved a list of doctor appointments at its regular meeting on September 25.

Appointed to active staff category are Dr. Mahmood Beheshti, General Practitioner (GP), Weyburn; Dr. Parveen Gupta, GP, Redvers; a Carlyle doctor who does not wish to be named; and Dr. Sylvestre Erhaze, psychiatrist, Weyburn. Appointment to visiting staff category, Dr. Wasim Sheikh, surgeon. Appointed to temporary staff category are Dr. Tahir Mahmood, itinerant surgeon; Dr. Curtis Cameron, resident; Dr. Akram Khalil SIPPA candidate for Five Hills Health Region; Dr. Amal Abdel Malek, SIPPA candidate for Five Hills Health Region; Dr. Anatole Nguegno, locum from the Saskatchewan Medical Association. Dr. Efe Michael Ovueni’s privileges were amended to include D and C privileges.

Members of the RHA learned that a group of 40-45 second year medical students from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, will travel to Arcola and Carlyle to tour facilities the last weekend of September. Sun Country Health Region’s recruitment department, the Moose Mountain Recruitment Committee, and the Saskatchewan Medical Association organized the tour to expose students to rural practices and facilities to increase their interest in practicing medicine in rural Saskatchewan.

The RHA members also learned:

  • Twenty-nine bursaries have been awarded from April 1, including 24 students in registered nursing, two in the nurse practitioner program, one in occupational therapy, and two students in the primary care paramedic program.
  • SCHR has hired three registered nurses, two licensed practical nurses, two speech language pathologists, one occupational therapist, and two out of scope staff from August 16-September 16. During that time period, two registered nurses, one licensed practical nurse, one medical lab technologist and four out of scope staff resigned.
  • A falls prevention clinic will be held in Kipling in October for seniors looking for more information about preventing falls.
  • The Lymphedema program in Weyburn is in operation. The program is starting with a few clients at eight hours/week and will expand as needed.
  • SCHR is experiencing an increase in demand for some of its chronic disease programs that help those with chronic illness learn how to manage the disease. The Chronic Kidney Disease program is booking into February 2014 already in Weyburn.
  • The opening for the Weyburn Primary Care site has been postponed to December.
  • A nurse practitioner will begin work in Bengough with the Rural West Primary Health Care site in November.
  • All nine improvement projects begun this spring are on target, with the exception of injury reduction, medication administration, doctor recruitment. Those three are slightly behind for the time being. 
  • The helipad built to accommodate STARS helicopters near St. Joseph’s Hospital in Estevan is operational.
  • Thirty eight concerns were received from the public by the Quality of Care Coordinator (Toll Free: 1 (800) 696-1622,  306-842-8675  306-891-9249 or email: ) during May and June. The largest concerns registered were access to doctor services and problems with accessing services in other health regions.
  • The number of residents waiting for a bed in a long term care centre in Sun Country Health Region has dropped from June 2012 to June 2013. There were 37 people waiting in June 2012 and 14 in June 2013. The number of residents waiting for transfer to the facility of their choice has increased to 104 residents in June 2013, compared with 78 in June 2012.

The next meeting of the Sun Country Regional Health Authority will be held Wednesday, Nov. 27 at 1:30 p.m. in Tatagwa View, Weyburn.

 Posted September 27.

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