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Two new doctors coming to the Region

Sun Country Health Region is pleased to announce the arrival of two new doctors for communities in the Region.

Dr. Mahmood Beheshti will begin practice in Weyburn Health Centre on September 16 while Dr. Parveen Kumar Gupta will begin practice in Redvers Medical Clinic on October 7.  

“The Region is working long and hard to recruit new doctors to our Region and to retain the doctors we currently have,” said Marga Cugnet, CEO, Sun Country Health Region.

“We’re beginning to see the numbers improve and that is heartening to us as well as to the communities involved. We recognize we still have a long way to go until we have a full complement of doctors for our residents.”

Dr. Beheshti comes to Weyburn from Toronto. He trained in Iran. He says he found Weyburn to be a caring and welcoming community.

Dr. Gupta comes from India, where he trained, with his son. His wife will follow soon. Dr. Gupta has more than 20 years experience in family medicine. He has worked in Redvers twice before for short periods, and says it is an excellent community.

“We welcome these doctors and encourage them to work with us for many years,” says Mrs. Cugnet.  

Posted Sept. 13 

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