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Community Advisory: Update on Kenosee Lake Superslides

During a visit to the Kenosee Superslides on June 26 by Sun Country Health Region's Public Health Inspections, it was noted that the water quality in the water canal was poor and there were safety concerns.

The water canal and the waterslides were closed on June 26.

Several schools were at the water park on June 26. The Public Heath offices where those schools are located were informed of the situation.

Sun Country Health Region has now been informed the waterslides were also open prior to June 26 and that several schools used the waterslides prior to June 26. SCHR has provided that new information to Public Health offices where those schools are located.  

SCHR Public Health Inspectors worked with management of the Kenosee Superslides to address the deficiencies and ensure the safety of the public.

The slides at Kenosee Superslides were opened on June 29.

SCHR will continue to work with the Superslide staff and management to monitor operations at the Kenosee Superslides - and all other indoor and outdoor pools in the Region - and will address any deficiencies identified as necessary.

If you have concerns or questions, please contact:

Weyburn Public Health at 306-842-8618

Estevan Public Health at 306-637-3626

Call toll free to 1-888-295-8005 or email 

Posted July 5.

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