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Health Authority meets with municipal officials

Members of the Sun Country Regional Health Authority, the governing body of Sun Country Health Region, met with elected municipal officials from the communities around Bengough,  Weyburn, Kenosee Lake and Estevan during November to discuss health care issues. 

The meetings are the second set this year of the new Community Leadership Networks established by the Region to create formal links between Sun Country Regional Health Authority (SCRHA) and the municipalities.

All elected officials from the villages, towns and rural municipalities in the Region were invited to attend the meetings.

“We want to be sure there is a clear line of communication on health issues in this Region,” says SCRHA chair Marilyn Charlton.

“We want to be sure health issues are discussed and understood in this Region and we are hoping these officials will go back to their communities and continue our discussions with the public.” 

SCRHA plans to hold meetings of the Community Leadership Network twice a year, in spring and fall.

The meetings included a presentation about the creation of Collaborative Emergency Centres (CECs) in Saskatchewan, based on a model used in Nova Scotia. The Ministry of Health announced this summer it is exploring the implementation of CECs as an innovative approach to provide emergency and primary health care.

Marga Cugnet, CEO of Sun Country Health Region, also provided an update on the 17 projects chosen earlier this year to improve the patient experience in the Region.

“Most of the Region’s projects, like implementation of a surgical safety checklist and creation of paperless pay stubs to save money that will be re-directed into patient care, are on target,” says Mrs. Charlton.    

 “These meetings offer another useful opportunity for the RHA to hear from municipal officials and for those officials to ask questions of us,” says Mrs. Charlton.

 “We think these meetings will become even more important in the future as more and more municipalities participate each year.”

 Posted November 23

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