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Nutrition Tips Winter 2015

Children who have meals with their family not only eat better and are healthier; they learn to socialize and do better in school. Family meals give a time and place to keep up with what is going on with everyone, help each other out, and tell family stories. Enjoying family meals help to keep food in its place as only one of life's great pleasures. Pay attention to the food and enjoy it when it is time to eat, forget about it between times. A rushed morning without breakfast can make eating well challenging. Try these quick breakfast ideas: A long afternoon commute can make eating well challenging. Pack a snack for the afternoon before your ride so you aren’t over hungry when you get home. Healthy food choices at home and at school can help students do better in school and be healthier over all. Part of learning about healthy eating is practicing. If your children’s’ school does not teach food preparation, ask your school administration how you can help to support offering classes. Snack foods like chips, candy, and pop fill children up, but don’t supply any of the nutrition they need to grow and learn. These foods should not be offered in school. Help the school community council and school administration in your children’s school to promote healthy foods in the school.

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RHA Highlights - June

Planning for health facility in Kipling moves ahead

Members of the Sun Country Regional Health Authority learned at their regular meeting on June 27 that significant movement is taking place with plans to build an integrated acute and long term care health facility in Kipling.

Sun Country Health Region will host a public meeting in Kipling in mid-July to explain the plan, and a request for proposals to build the facility will be released before the end of summer.

Sun Country Regional Health Authority (SCRHA) is the governing body for Sun Country Health Region. 

At the meeting, SCRHA also approved a revised policy to guide future meetings of its Community Leadership Networks created in the fall of 2011. The first meetings were held in the spring, 2012.  

The Community Leadership Networks provide a forum for community leaders  in the Region and SCRHA to exchange information, provide advice and perspective on the direction of health services, as well as influence the vision and strategic direction of the Region in an open and collaborative manner.

SCRHA will host a new series of meetings in several communities this fall.

In other business, members of SCRHA learned:

  • As part of a plan to create a single point of entry for all patients discharged in the province by March 2013, SCHR’s home care services, Bengough Health Centre and Radville Marian Health Centre are part of a provincial pilot project to ensure all necessary information and services are provided to the patients when leaving hospital or another facility.
  • Some staff members are not following the proper glove use to stop infections. More education sessions are being planned and regular audits of glove use and hand hygiene methods will be conducted.
  • To help meet the goal of zero workplace injuries by 2017, the Region’s Occupational Health and Safety co-chairs will be trained this summer in the best methods to determine of the root cause of staff injuries. Other staff members will be trained in the fall.
  •  Training in the Lean system of organizing the workplace and creating a system that continuously adopts improvements is going ahead. Groups of senior leaders and managers were being trained during the last week in June.
  • As part of SCHR’s goal to achieve best value for money, paperless pay statements are now available to all members of the staff through a secure provincial website.  About 61 per cent of staff members have signed up so far for an electronic version of their payroll information.
  •  The Emergency Department of the Galloway Health Centre in Oxbow will be closed from Monday July 2 to Monday July 23 due to a temporary shortage of doctors.
  • Fifteen registered nurses (RN); three summer nursing students; four licensed practical nurses; one
    Combined Lab/X-ray Tech (CLXT); and two cooks were hired in SCHR between May 15 and June 18 in SCHR. Resignations during this same period include: six RNs; four LPNs; one CLXT; one dietitian; and one out-of-scope staff member. 
  • Recruitment of family doctors is continuing for several communities, including Estevan, Weyburn, Arcola, Coronach, Kipling, Oxbow and Redvers.
  • Nursing students will begin a six-week clinical practicuum in July in Arcola, Estevan and Weyburn.
  • Gainsborough Health Centre hosted a 25 year celebration in June for staff and the public.  
  • Several doctors in Sun Country Health Region are mentoring Saskatchewan medical students this summer, partly to help with future recruitment of doctors. During July, Dr. Lise Morin, Arcola; Dr. Karen Bigland, Weyburn; Dr. Charles Omosigho, Estevan; Dr. Edward Tsoi, Estevan; Dr. Khalid Sheikh, Estevan; Dr. Jessi Warren, Weyburn; Dr. Werner Oberholzer, Radville; Dr. Mary McCollam, Weyburn; and Dr. Kathleen Fong, Weyburn will all mentor students at different stages of their medical training.
  • SCHR met with representatives of the Coronach community in late June to discuss physician recruitment, emergency medical services and a new Primary Health Care plan which is being organized in partnership with Five Hills Health Region. Further discussions will be held on those issues in future.

Posted June 28 



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