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National Brain Injury Awareness Week

During National Brain Injury Awareness Week, March 15-21, Sun Country Health Region wants to remind parents and coaches to protect our brains.

According to the Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association, there are approximately 6,000 concussions each year in this province.

A concussion is a brain injury. A single concussion quadruples the odds of subsequent injuries which can happen more easily and take longer to heal.

Multiple concussions can cause deteriorating cognitive function and/or depression and have been connected in recent research to dementia, Parkinson's and ALS.     

Brain injuries can result in memory loss; attention deficits and problems with concentration; problem solving deficits; anxiety or depression; behavioral or personality changes; poor balance, paralysis, problems sitting or walking; decreased motor control; change in vision, hearing, taste, smell and/or touch; headaches; seizures;  emotional outbursts; anger/impulse control problems; impaired speech; loss of consciousness; and death. These changes can be temporary or permanent.   

The Brain Injury Association, for example, recommends that if a sports player shows any symptoms of concussion, the coach should immediately remove the player from play, regardless of objections. The player should then be carefully monitored and assessed by a medical health professional, as some concussion symptoms are not immediately obvious. No player should return to play until cleared by a physician. That player should show no further signs of concussion at rest or under exertion.

Let’s keep ourselves and our children safe.

For more information on brain injuries, contact Paula Ealey, ABI Coordinator, 842-8315 or visit the Sun Country Health Region website at

For information about concusssions, see

Posted March 7.  

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