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New program to help protect your heart

Sun Country Health Region (SCHR) is pleased to announce it is once again offering a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. The program began in December 2011 and is available to those with existing heart conditions or those who are at high risk for developing heart disease.

The program is designed to help people learn to live with their heart-related condition and how they can reduce the risks of developing a more serious problem in the future.

A need to review the program became evident in 2010-11. Clients accessing services at Regina General Hospital for heart-related care were being advised to attend a cardiac rehabilitation program when they returned to SCHR. In the last two years, almost 200 SCHR residents who underwent a heart procedure, like bypass surgery, angioplasty or stent-insertion, could have benefited from the program. 

Through the program, clients can find answers to questions like what is heart disease, how to reduce their risk factors, how food and nutrition affects heart health, and what kinds of medication, exercise and relaxation will help manage their chronic disease.

The program is based on the Heart Manual. The manual is a flexible, self-management program. It is individualized to allow clients to learn about heart disease at their own pace.

The manual also provides information on a wide variety of topics related to heart disease and helps clients learn to create action plans for themselves to achieve their lifestyle goals. It also provides information for family members and caregivers of those with a heart-related conditions.

At this time, the cardiac program accepts only those clients who are referred by Regina General Hospital. SCHR will expand the program in future to include all clients with heart-related health issues.

For more information, please call the Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator, Lillian Ly at 306-848-2160 or

Posted March 2 


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