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Rural West team helps with recruitment

Sun Country Health Region’s Rural West Primary health team has been chosen by the University of Saskatchewan Medical College as one of the locations its medical students can attend for its rural collaborative medical practice.

“Medical students benefit from experience working with various other health professionals in the field before they graduate,” notes Interim CEO Marga Cugnet.

“It is gratifying to learn that our Rural West team has developed to the point that it can provide several different facets of that education to future doctors in Saskatchewan,” she says.

“Rural West has become a model for the team approach in medical care that is centred on the patient and their family,” says Mrs. Cugnet.

The two-year old Rural West team interdisciplinary team serves the people of Bengough, Radville and Pangman and the surrounding rural areas by offering a broad-based set of services. The team consists of doctors, a nurse practitioner, office staff, dietitian, facility managers, pharmacists, home care staff, EMS, mental health, therapy services, laboratory, and health centre staff all working together to provide the right care at the right time by the most appropriate health provider.

Saskatchewan’s medical students will be able to choose the Rural West team to fulfil their rural, family practice, emergency department, and/or collaborative practice requirements.

Rural West has also developed a mentorship program for other post-secondary students in the health care field. As of this year, students in nutrition and pharmacy from Saskatchewan universities will be able to choose the Rural West team as a location to take part of their education.

“This is another major development,” says Mrs. Cugnet.

“First, it will mean for us that more health care professionals will available in that part of the health region to serve the residents. It is also likely to mean more professionals will return to work in this Region once they graduate if their educational experience is good.”

“It is planned that these two programs will help us reduce the difficulties we’ve experienced in recruiting some health professionals to work in our Region. If they are partly educated here and see the benefits of the team approach to medicine, they are more likely to want to come back once they graduate to a team that understands collaborative care,” she says.

“We are very proud of the team’s accomplishments. These two new developments may help us approach the issues of recruitment from a different perspective altogether,” she says.

 Posted March 2.





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