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Highlights of the Sun Country Regional Health Authority meeting

Members of the Sun Country Regional Health Authority, the governing body of Sun Country Health Region (SCHR), learned at their regular meeting Wednesday, Jan. 25 that two construction projects in the Region are proceeding according to schedule.

Pamela Haupstein, Vice President, Finance and Corporate Services, told the Authority that construction of a new integrated facility in Radville and the addition of a new long term care wing to the Redvers Health Centre are “running smoothly.”

In Redvers the natural gas line was relocated and crawlspace excavation is continuing. In Radville the town water and sewer are being installed.

Members of the Authority also learned:

-          As per its mandate to ensure timely access for the public to quality health services, the Region has hired a Home Care Clinical Navigator to operate an efficient and effective surgical discharge system for patients. Hospitals in larger centres, especially Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, need a one-call service to any facility in SCHR for patients needing to come home for recuperation. The new service will help patients move closer to their home community and help free up acute care beds in Regina.

-          The Region has hired two new Infection Control nurses for one year under the New Graduate Recruitment Program to supplement the work being done on infection control, as required by Accreditation Canada.

-          100 per cent of facilities and home care staff have received the initial education session for a new medication reconciliation process on admission to a facility. A similar plan to ensure all medications are recorded will be created for patient discharges and transfers.

-          As part of a provincial program, public health nurses collected data on all 4-6 year old children who attend child health clinics during November to create a baseline to measure the effectiveness of a new framework to promote healthy weights.

-          The Region is working with physicians who may qualify to practice here. Ten are interested in Estevan. The hope is that one more will arrive by April and another by May. One physician interested in practicing in Oxbow has changed her mind. One physician is interested in Arcola. A new psychiatrist is expected to arrive in the spring. That will bring the Region’s complement back up to three full time psychiatrists.

-          As per its mandate to create a safe, supportive and quality workplace, the Region has reduced sick time by 10.2 per cent over the past two years. The goal was a 6.2 per cent reduction. Overtime during the same period has been reduced by 11.6 per cent. The goal was a 7.8 per cent reduction. Interim CEO Marga Cugnet said part of the reason for the reduction was the recruitment of more Registered Nurses during that period so less overtime is necessary.

-          Forty-eight new staff in December and January received the Aboriginal Awareness Training.

-          In support of its mandate to model world-class high performing health systems, the Region is implementing Lean training for staff. Over 25 per cent of staff members were trained last year in a method that helps them improve health care quality and develop superior customer service for the residents of SCHR.

-          The Interim CEO thanked all members of the Authority and the executive team who participated in the Christmas teas, held in each facility in the Region. 


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