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Flu shot

The flu shot is the best way to avoid getting influenza because it stimulates the body to produce antibodies against the influenza virus.

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Telehealth continues to expand


The Telehealth department of Sun Country Health Region (SCHR) is replacing older equipment with standardized sets to make it easier for staff and members of the public to use.

“The goal is to have enough similarities in the equipment so that individuals can attend any Telehealth site in the Region and be familiar with the equipment,” says Marga Cugnet, Interim President/CEO.

“We replaced the first three systems with state of the art video conferencing units, including television sets,” she says.

 “The new equipment should make it easier for people to access the system,” she says.

SCHR has a total of 16 Telehealth sites spread strategically across the Region so both the public and staff can locate a site within a drive of 30 minutes. The total cost for replacement equipment is $12,000.

Telehealth is available for appointments with physicians inside and outside the Region, as well as for staff and public education sessions.

The sites are located at Arcola Health Centre, Bengough Health Centre; Coronach Health Centre; St. Joseph’s Hospital, Estevan – 3 sites, Fillmore Health Centre; Galloway Health Centre, Oxbow; Radville Marian Health Centre; Redvers Health Centre; Wawota Memorial Health Centre; Weyburn Community Health Services Building; Weyburn General Hospital; Kipling Health Centre; Tatagwa View, Weyburn; Gainsborough Health Centre.

To book an event or inquire about the service, call Mary Deren, Telehealth Coordinator, at 842-8605 or email her at  Telehealth schedules of interest to the public and staff are posted in each health care facility in the Region.

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 Posted December 2

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