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Four new doctors come to Sun Country Health Region

Sun Country Regional Health Authority and community officials are pleased to announce that four new medical doctors have been recruited this summer to work in various communities in the Sun Country Health Region.

Dr. Terence Ming-Fok began work at the Redvers Health Centre in mid July. At the same time Dr. Navin Harinarain started at the Coronach Health Centre. The husband/wife team of Dr. Ahmed and Malini Mahomed will commence practice at the Kipling Health Centre in early September.

SCHR Chief of Staff, Dr. Vino Padayachee said it's fortunate the region has attracted these four doctors to these communities. "But more physicians are needed for other areas," he said.

"We certainly recognized the extra workload that was placed on the existing physicians prior to this recruitment, and the RHA and the communities appreciate the efforts made by these doctors," said Dr. Padayachee. "We hope that the additional physician numbers will help ‘normalize' the situation in these communities."

"It was also very encouraging to see the community leaders working together with the RHA to recruit these physicians," said Dr. Padayachee. "This will help strengthen ties between the various towns and the Region.

Shortage of physicians in any one community affects the entire region." The recruitments are a very good thing, said Vern Palmer, a board member of SCHRA who assisted with the recruiting. "There are lots of places for the doctors to go and we're very lucky they're coming here," he said.

The chair of the Kipling District Health Foundation Inc., Allan LaRose agrees. Competition for doctors is "extreme," he says.

"These recruitments are a very positive development," said Mr. LaRose. When the region experiences a shortage of doctors, public services can suffer, he said.

The Kipling Memorial Health Centre was down to one full time doctor and a visiting doctor who saw patients one day a week, he said. The community can support up to four full time doctors.

The Coronach and Redvers Health Centres each have its full complement of physicians with the new doctors.

Mr. LaRose said there is no single recipe for successful recruitment. "It's not always a dollars and cents thing," he said.

"One of the most important things to provide is a multi-doctor clinic. Doctors are just like the rest of us. They need regular time off and they want another physician with which to consult," he said.

The Kipling Foundation, the Coronach Health Advisory Committee, and the Redvers Medical Clinic, along with the Redvers and District Community Health Foundation Inc., recruited the four doctors. SCHR provided assistance and advice.

The recruitment process does not end with this success, said LaRose. We're not going to sit on our laurels. It's a continual process. If our centre doesn't need more doctors, another one in the region will, so we'll keep going."

For more information, please call Sun Country Chief of Staff, Dr. Vino Padayachee at 634-2661.

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