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RHA Highlights - February meeting

At the regular monthly meeting of Sun Country Regional Health Authority (SCRHA), members heard about the installation of carbon monoxide monitors in all facilities where residents sleep.

Installation is complete in all facilities but one, where it will take place soon. Regional managers are auditing their facilities to determine the effectiveness of the CO monitors.

CO monitoring was conducted on an urgent basis after a provincial safety alert was issued at the end of 2010.

Among other topics discussed at the RHA meeting were:

-         A revised Falls Prevention program for Home Care clients has been fully implemented across Sun Country Health Region (SCHR). All clients are taught how to avoid falls in their home and a falls prevention plan is prepared with them.

A similar falls prevention program has been implemented in 50 per cent of the Region’s long term care facilities, so far, and a Falls Prevention Program is being prepared for implementation in acute care settings.

This program is consistent with SCHR’s mandate to nurture a culture of patient/resident/client safety.

-         The percentage of patients with a completed Medication Reconciliation Plan on admission to Weyburn General Hospital increased to 50 per cent, from three per cent, during February. A formal Medication Reconciliation Program was introduced to the hospital in January. The program will be introduced to all other acute and long term care facilities in the Region.

-         SCHR reduced the overtime hours paid to staff by almost 22 per cent during the first three quarters of 2010-11, higher than the provincial goal.  

-         The Region reduced the number of Worker Compensation Claims by almost 25 per cent during during the first three quarters of 2010-11. The provincial goal was a decrease of five per cent. However, the number of WCB time lost per 100 full time equivalent employees increased by almost nine per cent during the same time period. The provincial goal was a 10 per cent reduction.

-         The Ministry of Health goal to reduce the number of sick leave hours paid - by five per cent - was not met. SCHR saw a reduction of three per cent during the first three quarters of 2010-11.

-         SCHR has fully implemented a surgical checklist and will review mechanisms to monitor and improve that system. The surgical safety checklist is used before, during and after surgical procedures. Surgical team members verbally confirm information such as the patient's identity, the procedure being performed, surgical equipment required, and potential complications arising from the patient's health history or condition. Following surgery, they confirm instrument counts and review any equipment issues or unexpected issues encountered during the surgery.

-         Three units in SCHR are now involved with the Releasing Time to Care Program (RTC). The third floor at Weyburn General Hospital, Ward A at St. Joseph’s Hospital, and the Inpatient Mental Health Unit at Tatagwa View are all participating in the province-wide initiative to increase the time available for bedside nursing.

Three more units will join this spring: St. Joseph’s Hospital Emergency Department and Obstetrics departments and Arcola Health Centre.

-         SCHR hired five people in difficult-to-fill positions in the last month. Four RNs (Registered Nurse) and one public health inspector were hired. However, in the same period, the Region accepted the resignations of three RNs, one LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), one CXLT (Combined Laboratory and X-ray Technician), and one out of scope position.

-         A kick off to formation of the Pre-Health Professionals Club is scheduled for Weyburn on March 12 at the Weyburn Comprehensive School. The Pre-Health Professionals Club is a program that engages post-secondary institutions with school divisions, Aboriginal organizations and regional health authorities to provide career development experiences for secondary level students.

A number of SCHR health care professionals will make presentations to encourage students to enter the health care disciplines.

-         To February 18, 54 student bursaries have been awarded. Recipients include students in the following programs: registered nursing, 44 bursaries; registered psychiatric nursing, one bursary; licensed practical nursing, three; physical therapy, one; pharmacy, one; paramedic; one; medical lab technology, one.



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