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Vaccination continues to be available

Sun Country Health Region (SCHR) will continue to offer H1N1 Influenza immunization to interested residents after the scheduled clinics end this week.

The last scheduled clinic was held Wednesday, Jan. 13 in SCHR. Immunization will continue to be available from public health nurses by appointment until the provincial program ends.

“This is the largest immunization campaign of its kind that SCHR staff has ever undertaken. I think the result was outstanding,” says Janice Giroux, Vice President Community Health.

“We have never before attempted to immunize so many people over such a large area in such a short time. Our staff members are all to be commended for their response and getting the work done efficiently,” she says.

SCHR is satisfied with the results of the immunization campaign and is still encouraging people at high risk for complications of influenza to be immunized.

Dr. Shauna Hudson, Medical Health Officer for SCHR, reports that as of January 13:

  •                   Almost 23,700 doses of H1N1 vaccine were administered by SCHR nurses to over 22,000 individuals (some people need 2 doses).
  •                   Approximately 44% of the SCHR population has been immunized.
  •                   Sixty-five percent of children under 5 years of age were immunized (over 1,900 children).
  •                   Only 28% of residents aged 20 to 34 years of age were immunized.
  •                   About 1,600 SCHR employees were immunized and approximately 600 health care workers in the community were also immunized.
  • 300 people have been immunized since January 1, 2010 and about two thirds were members of the general public and the remainder were young children requiring a second dose or people with high risk conditions.

Dr. Hudson says anyone who has not yet received the H1N1 influenza immunization can call their local public health office to make an appointment.

“Getting immunized not only protects you but it protects your friends and families as well, especially your family members who are at high risk for complications” she says.

Dr. Hudson is also pleased with the public interest in the H1N1 immunization clinics and the staff’s response, both to the public campaign and the campaign within the region’s long term care centres.

“We immunized 83.4 per cent of our long term care residents for H1N1 and 92.8 per cent for the seasonal flu. These are excellent results and will go a long way to helping protect the health of our residents all winter,” she says.

To make an appointment for H1N1 immunization, residents should call the nearest public health office:

  • Weyburn Public Health Office    842-8618
  • Carlyle Public Health Office       453-6131
  • Redvers Public Health Office     452-3464
  • Oxbow Public Health Office       483-2313
  • Kipling Public Health Office       736-2112 or 736-2113
  • Estevan Public Health Office      637-3626
  • Radville Public Health Office      869-2555
  • Coronach Public Health Office    869-2880

 Media: For more information, please call Joanne Helmer, Communications Coordinator, Sun Country Health Region, 842-8353. Posted Jan. 14, 2010

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