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Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Sun Country Health Region (SCHR) is working to make patient safety everyone's priority. The Patient Safety committee works regionally to build a culture of safety and create an atmosphere that is committed to excellence. We believe it is important to involve patients and/or family members. Patients and their families see situations from a different perspective and will be able to identify unsafe situations and work with us to promote safety.

Providing safe care is meeting patient's expectations of the care they receive. Patients expect:

  • To be listened to, taken seriously, and respected as a care partner
    • To have family/caregivers treated the same
    • To participate in decision making at the level they choose
  • To always be told the truth
    • To have things explained fully and clearly
    • To receive an explanation and apology if things go wrong
  • To have information communicated to the entire care team
    • To have care promptly and impeccably documented
    • To have these records made available if requested
  • For care to be coordinated among all members of the health care team across settings
  • To be supported emotionally as well as physically
  • To receive high-quality, safe care.

If you would like more information about the work being done in Patient Safety, please call the Quality of Care Coordinator at Toll Free: 1 (855) 778-7708
or email:

"Safety is not a destination. It is a journey."
- Lucian Leape