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In Season Produce

Fruits and vegetables that are in season are usually less expensive, better quality, and can often be found locally.

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Box 2003
Weyburn, Saskatchewan
S4H 2Z9
Tel: (306) 842-8399
For General Inquiries:

Foundation-Trust Committees

St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation
Phone: 637-3710
Fax: 637-3719
Email: jjblaw@sasktelnet
Credit Union Complex, 403 - 9th Avenue
Estevan, Sk
S4A 2V4

The Radville & District Health Centre Foundation
Box 310
Radville, SK
S0C 2G0

Redvers & District Community Health Foundation Inc
PO Box 766
Redvers, Sk
S0C 2H0

Moose Mountain Lodge Foundation
PO Box 546
Carlyle, SK
S0C 0R0

Coronach and Area Health Care Foundation
General Delivery
Cornach, SK
S0H 0Z0

Maryfield Community Non-Profit Corporation
General Delivery
Maryfield, Sk
S0G 3K0

Kipling District Health Foundation Inc
PO Box 989
Kipling, Sk
S0G 2S0

Gainsborough & Area Health Centre Trust Committee
PO Box 236
Carnduff, Sk
S0C 0S0

Galloway Trust Committee
PO Box 152
Glen Ewen, Sk
S0C 1C0

Mainprize Manor & Health Centre Trust Committee
General Delivery
Midale, SK  S0C 1S0

Lampman Community Health Centre Trust Committee
General Delivery
Lampman, SK
S0C 1N0

Fillmore Health Centre Trust Committee
General Delivery
Fillmore, SK
S0G 1N0

Golden Years Suite
General Delivery
Stoughton, SK
S0C 4T0

Weyburn & District Hospital Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 1416
Weyburn, SK
S4H 3J9
Phone: (306) 842-2626
The office is located at City Hall in Weyburn.