Nutrition Tips Winter 2015

Children who have meals with their family not only eat better and are healthier; they learn to socialize and do better in school. Family meals give a time and place to keep up with what is going on with everyone, help each other out, and tell family stories. Enjoying family meals help to keep food in its place as only one of life's great pleasures. Pay attention to the food and enjoy it when it is time to eat, forget about it between times. A rushed morning without breakfast can make eating well challenging. Try these quick breakfast ideas: A long afternoon commute can make eating well challenging. Pack a snack for the afternoon before your ride so you aren’t over hungry when you get home. Healthy food choices at home and at school can help students do better in school and be healthier over all. Part of learning about healthy eating is practicing. If your children’s’ school does not teach food preparation, ask your school administration how you can help to support offering classes. Snack foods like chips, candy, and pop fill children up, but don’t supply any of the nutrition they need to grow and learn. These foods should not be offered in school. Help the school community council and school administration in your children’s school to promote healthy foods in the school.

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Commonly asked questions:

"When do my benefits start?"

The following is a basic time-line that applies to the following different groups of employees:

Permanent Full-time and Permanent Part-time

  • Employees will be immediately enrolled into the three basic plans: Pension, Group Life, and Disability. The employee will then have to work a minimum of twenty-six weeks or six months to be measured for Health and Dental eligibility. Once you meet eligibility the employer will send employee notification through a mailed-out benefits package that contains booklets and forms to complete and return.
  • After this initial enrolment stage is completed, every year your benefits will be measured on December 31st. Part-time employees must have their health and dental coverage calculated based on the amount of hours worked in that calendar year. A letter will be sent out in the beginning of the year to inform these employees of their coverage.
  • Full-time employees automatically receive a 100% health and dental coverage each year.

Casual/relief and/or temporary

  • Employees will have to complete 26 weeks of continuous employment and work a minimum of 40% of full-time hours in order to be initially measured for the employee benefit plans. Your employer will keep track of your hours and enrol you if you become eligible to join any of the offered plans.
  • After the initial measurement, these employees will be measured annually on December 31st of the calendar year. The total hours accumulated for the employee will determine the level of coverage for the next calendar year.
  • Please note: Temporary employees are not eligible for Disability plan enrolment.

For any inquiries about our Benefit Plans, please contact:

Pat Kaytor or Doug Cugnet
Payroll/Benefits Officers

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