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Nut allergies can be life threatening. Help protect your child’s school environment and don’t send nuts or foods containing nut ingredients to school. Use sandwich fillings such as lean meat, poultry, fish, egg salad, hummus or beans instead.

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Box 2003
Weyburn, Saskatchewan
S4H 2Z9
Tel: (306) 842-8399
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Doctor and Nurse Practitioner Directory

Last up-dated November 30, 2016


Please use the following link to locate a physician elsewhere in Saskatchewan 


 This list is subject to change at any time and without notice. Please see the Specialist Directory at Specialist Directory for a list of doctors available in Sun Country Health Region who provide specialist services.

See Doctors taking new patients for a complete list of doctors and nurse practitioners in Sun Country Health Region who are taking new patients.


Please Note: Former patients of Dr. K. Roy in Weyburn who are looking for their medical files should call his home and leave a message. The number is 306-842-5325.

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♦ Denotes Primary Health Care Team
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Arcola Family Health Clinic
Box 479 ~ 707 Brock Avenue
Arcola, SK     S0C 0G0
Phone   306-455-2287
   Dr. Lise Morin
   Dr. Remon Ghaly
   Dr. Osakponmwen Amayo

Bengough Health Centre  ♦
Box 399 ~ 400 – 2nd Street West
Bengough, SK     S0C 0K0
Phone   306-268-2222
   Dr. Ali Al-Khafaji
   Dr. Helen Mbata
   Nurse Practitioner - Sarah Nicol

Carlyle Primary Health Clinic
Box 1090 ~ 214 Main Street
Carlyle, SK     S0C 0R0
Phone   306-453-6795
   Dr. Mst Habiba Khanam ♦
   Nurse Practitioner - Laura Wood

Tony Day Family Medical Clinic
(Redvers Physcians come to Carnduff)
Box 415 ~ 405 Spencer Street
Carnduff, SK     S0C 0S0
Phone   306-482-1240
   Dr. Vijay Prabhu
   Dr. Bradley McIntyre

Coronach Medical Clinic ♦
240 South Avenue East
Coronach, SK     S0H 0Z0
Phone  306-267-2200
   Nurse Practitioner - Sarah Nicol

Estevan Medical Center
137 King Street
Estevan, SK     S4A 2T5
Phone   306-634-6444
   Dr. Allison Christie
   Dr. Mona Ali
   Dr. Edward Tsoi

Estevan Medical Group
Suite 200 -  1176 Nicholson Road
Estevan, SK     S4A 2V6
Phone   306-637-2770
   Dr. Folajimi Akinsete
   Dr. Charles Omosigho
   Dr. Mehdi Horri
   Dr. Hakan Pehlivan
   Dr. Efe Michael Ovueni♦
   Dr. Constance Ovueni♦

Anthony Davies Medical Professional Corporation
Suite 700 -  1176 Nicholson Road
Estevan, SK     S4A 2V6
Phone   306-637-2700
   Dr. Anthony Davies

Sheikh Medical Clinic
Suite 500 – 1176 Nicholson Road
Estevan, SK     S4A 0H3
Phone   306-637-2750
   Dr. Khalid Sheikh

Fillmore Health Centre
Box 246 ~ 100 Main Street
Fillmore, SK     S0G 1N0
Phone   306-722-2308
   Dr. Ebenezer Adediji ♦
   Dr. Hamid Bimesl ♦
   Dr. Jared Oberkirsch ♦


Kipling Medical Clinic

Box 670 ~ 200 4th Street
Kipling, SK     S0G 2S0
Phone   306-736-2559
   Dr. Chinwe Joy Osondu
   Dr. Jamshid Khak
   Dr. Oluwemimo Jayeoba
   Nurse Practitioner - Jean Daku

Lampman Community Health Centre
Box 100 ~ 309 2nd Avenue
Lampman, SK     S0C 1N0
Phone   306-487-2561
   Dr. Edward Tsoi ♦
   Nurse Practitioner - Vacant

Lampman Health Clinic
215 Main Street
Lampman, SK     S0C 1N0
Phone  306-487-2811
   Dr. Lise Morin

(Moosomin Family Practice Physicians come to Maryfield Clinics)
Maryfield Medical Clinic
Box 164 ~ 233 Main Street           
Maryfield, SK     S0G 3K0               
Phone  306-646-2133
   Dr. Ross Kerkhoff
   Dr. Herman Van der Merwe
   Nurse Practitioner - Nicki Ford

Mainprize Manor & Health Centre
Box 239 ~ 206 South Street
Midale, SK      S0C 1S0
Phone  306-458-2300
   Dr. Allison Christie
   Nurse Practitioner - Colleen Luterbach

Oxbow Medical Clinic
Box 780 ~ 310 Wylie Avenue
Oxbow, SK     S0C 2B0
Phone  306-483-5244
   Dr. Nicolaas Botha
   Dr. David Hyman

Radville Marian Health Centre
Box 310 ~ 840 Conrad Avenue
Radville, SK     S0C 2G0
Phone  306-869-3111
   Dr. Ali Al-Khafaji
   Dr. Helem Mbata
   Nurse Practitioner - Sarah Nicol

Redvers Medical Clinic
Box 30 ~ 18 Eichhorst Street
Redvers, SK     S0C 2H0
Phone  306-452-6362
   Dr. Vijay Prabhu
   Dr. Bradley McIntyre

Stoughton Health Clinic
204 Main Street               
Stoughton, SK     S0C 0G0
Phone  306-457-2444
   Dr. Lise Morin

WAWOTA (Arcola Family Health Clinic Physcians come to Wawota)
Wawota Medical Clinic
Box 210 ~ 609 Choofoo Cresent
Wawota, SK     S0G 5A0
Phone   306-739-2200
     Dr. Lise Morin
     Dr. Remon Ghaly

Mental Health Services
Box 2003
Weyburn, SK    S4H 2Z9
Phone   306-842-8665
   Dr. Donald McRae
   Dr. Dele Oyebode
   Dr. Olajide Fadahunsi
   Dr. Thomas Ofuafor

Weyburn Health Centre
36 – 4th Street N.E.
Weyburn, SK     S4H OX7
Phone   306-842-5444
   Dr. Mahmood Beheshti
   Dr. Karen Bigland
   Dr. Allan Fong   
   Dr. Kathleen Fong           
   Dr. Tare Matiza                 
   Dr. Mary McCollam
   Dr. Jessi Warren
   Dr. Efosa Igbinovia
   Dr. Joy Igbinovia
   Dr. Alain Lenferna (Locum)

Weyburn Primary Health Care Clinic
#204 - 117 3rd Street NE
Weyburn, SK     S4H 0W3
Phone   306-842-8790
   Dr. Adanna Ejeckam 
   Dr. Ebenezer Adediji 
   Dr. Janessa Grosenick 
   Dr. Hamid Bimesl
   Dr. Jared Oberkirsch
   Nurse Practitioner Colleen Luterbach

Weyburn Medical Clinic
85B Government Road
Weyburn, SK     S4H ON8
Phone   306-842-5404
   Dr. Mariusz Paszkiewicz

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